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NFT Collections

vocus WEB3

Original NFT Collection

VAF is an original NFT collection with a total issue of 3,333. Each NFT represents a unique character - they have their own names, styles, and probably their own stories. These characters are going to start a space trip for creativities hunting. Want to be one of the NFT owner and be the community that explore business potentials!

Collective Creation of Graphic Novel

In the worldview of vocus NFT, the characters of vocus and Friends (VAF) will travel to different planets, and cooperate with a number of artists to launch a "Collective Creation of Graphic Novel" to build an online exhibition platform and space together.

A New Type of Creator Economy

vocus will assist well-known creators and artists to issue NFTs or develop more Web3 applications through blockchain technology to build a more stable and loyal fan community while their fans can participate in the creator's community co-creation and enjoy follow-up profits .



The First Round of VAF Sale and Reveal
Premium Airdrop
Platform Supports Linking to Crypto Wallet
VAF Gallery
Follow Up on vocus web3

vocus is a platform born for creators and words. By our steady monetization model, we empower passionate creators conducting their works, and make sure their creativities get rewarded. With our successful experience on Web 2.0 model, we smell the opportunities after witnessing the booming of NFT markets and the potential of Web 3.0 applications. Starting from 2022, we aim to pivot ourselves by creating the pilot NFT project that brings new business model and interactions between creators, readers and investors. From here, we know there is an adventure awaiting us to explore.